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overshadow - Meaning in Punjabi

Definitions and Meaning of overshadow in English overshadow verb. cast a shadow upon Example - The tall tree overshadowed the house; make appear small by comparison Synonyms: dwarf, shadow Example - This year's debt dwarfs that of last year; be greater in significance than Synonyms: dominate, eclipse Example - the tragedy overshadowed the ...

overshadowed meaning in Hindi - overshadowed in Hindi ...

overshadowed. भारी पड़ रही है. translation of 'overshadowed'. verb. छाया में रखना, रक्षा देना,

What is another word for overshadowed? | Overshadowed ...

Past tense for to cast a gloom over. Past tense for to steal the limelight from. Past tense for to exceed in weight or importance. Past tense for to defeat, subdue or overcome with superior strength. Past tense for to be on the verge of transpiring, occurring or happening.

How to say overshadowed in Filipino

oversees. overshoe. overshoot. oversight. oversights. oversimplify. oversize. Translate to Filipino. overshadowed.

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overshadowed. Need antonyms for overshadowed? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Verb. Opposite of past tense for to make dark, dim, or indistinct (by casting a shadow over) brightened. illuminated. illumined. lightened.

OVERSHADOW | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

overshadow definition: 1. to cause someone or something to seem less important or less happy: 2. (of a building) to be…. Learn more.

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‘The fief overshadowed fealty, the benefice became more important than vassalage, and freemen began to swear allegiance to the highest bidder only.’ ‘Indeed, certain aspects, such as the important provider role, may overshadow the progressive and egalitarian ideals and behaviors that are becoming so prevalent.’

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