Services Offered

Chauhan Infotech’s IT division specializes in Web and Mobile technologies, in addition to QA, Script and DESIGN personnel. We can allocate software engineers, team managers, QA personnel and graphic designers qualified in various fields from within our ranks, assisting you in reaching your targets and goals through the building of winning team overseas. Chauhan Infotech has the ability to put any work frame at your disposal, from a single programmer to a team of several dozens of employees, all within a short time with efficient and quick allocation processes.
Chauhan Infotech trains its employees to work above professional standards for development, provides management tools for projects, development methodologies and work environments, so projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner.
.Net Technologies

In recent years Microsoft has supported many training centers in India, and today MPC tests, that officially certify Microsoft experts, can be taken in almost every state.
In the academic institutes in India, the visual studio platform has become a basic tool for teaching and training, and is used as a basis for teaching software engineers. Additionally, many local and international companies in India make use of these technologies, whether for web environments or IT development. 

This wide pool of knowledge enables us to recruit engineers with academic training and qualification, and with professional experience. Nonetheless, our personnel includes selected professional supervisors with extensive knowledge and experience, who assist the work teams at all times and provide their abilities and experience to all employees.
Design and Graphics

3D Max, Photoshop, Flash and other graphic tools are valuable resources that are used by most media and advertising companies.
Chauhan Infotech provides graphics personnel in different fields to media and design companies.
Our staff includes graphic designers who specialize in various fields of western orientation, with uncompromising quality and costs that cannot be matched by local employment.
Ecommerce Support

E-commerce or online shopping has become the preferred choice of the consumers because of its convenience and ease; the sellers are also adopting it because it reduces their operation costs upto a large extent. 

Chauhan Infotech e-Commerce specializes in e-Commerce section with its years of experience in outsourcing web processes. Chauhan Infotech aims at providing the best e-Commerce solutions, Content preparation and validation, 24/7 Web store updates, Image and media preparation, Web research and data collection catering the client’s need thus reducing the maintenance budget of e-Commerce. Our buzzers are highly skilled professionals with excellent knowledge of Content preparation and validation and catalog management guaranteeing high productivity. 

Reduce the price of maintenance of your e-Shop by 60% with the e-Commerce and catalog management services offered by Chauhan Infotech and become capable of handling up to thousands of items per day.
Quality Assurance and Technical Writing

The IT world includes many positions that require executing a vast number of delicate and precise tasks over many work hours.

Mobile Technology

Chauhan Infotech has a strong competency in Cross Platfrom Application development, consumer and custom mobile application development and has been successfully executing various mobile applications development projects in the last few years. Our dedicated team has a unique combination of technical, functional knowledge base and extensive experience in mobile development applications on various mobile platforms. Our iPhone consumer application has got listed on iTunes and these additions are endless.

    •    Speed. We have a highly efficient application development process that distributes work among our expert teams around the globe—giving you state-of-the art applications in warp speed.
    •    Quality. Our unique development model and service infrastructure is not only more efficient, it gives you better, high-quality solutions at the lowest possible cost.
    •    Creativity. Our experienced developers work hard to understand your requirements, contribute ideas and develop innovative solutions to your needs.

Our dedicated mobile teams incorporate a unique combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, and extensive experience in mobile development on multiple platforms. Our solutions provide effective results in today's marketplace while giving you the flexibility to evolve with your business in the future.

However, the availability of manpower for these tasks in the west is low, and the desertion rate is high, creating problems and setbacks for process developers in western IT companies.
Chauhan Infotech provides an immediate solution by providing highly qualified testing and analysis teams, with high availability and uncompromising accountability to the client, benchmarked by Chauhan Infotech's standards.

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